Grandparents' Rights in Pennsylvania

Are You Seeking Visitation Rights to Your Grandchildren?

As a grandparent, death and divorce can directly affect the relationship you have with your grandchildren. Fortunately, Pennsylvania allows grandparents to request rights of visitation under certain circumstances. If you need legal assistance with this matter, it is important to work with a Pittsburgh family lawyer who is knowledgeable in state law regarding grandparents' rights.

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Similar to other matters of custody and visitation, the court is careful to uphold the best interests of the child when a grandparent is requesting visitation. A grandparent may do so only in very specific circumstances, including:

  • The death of a parent
  • The divorce of the parents
  • If the parents have filed for divorce or been legally separated for six months

The court will consider how much interaction occurred between the grandparents and their grandchildren before the visitation petition has been submitted. According to Pennsylvania state law, grandparents are eligible for two specific kinds of visitation – partial physical custody and supervised physical custody.

With such an important decision at stake, it is important to have a Pittsburgh family law attorney in your corner who is experienced in parental rights cases and can protect your rights. We can work tirelessly to prepare the strong case you need and show the court why you deserve visitation rights.

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