Protection from Abuse

Protecting Victims of Domestic Violence

A protection from abuse order is a court order that provides protection to an individual from physical harm by a family or household member, sexual or intimate partner, or a person with whom they had a child, whether married or not. This court order is used in domestic violence cases.

If you or someone you know needs legal assistance in obtaining protection from abuse, it is critical that you contact the Avram Rosen, the Pittsburgh domestic abuse lawyer at our firm as soon as possible. Our firm is dedicated to helping individuals involved in domestic violence cases and we will do everything within our power to ensure that you are fully protected under Pennsylvania law! As a law firm dedicated exclusively to the practice of family law, we possess extensive knowledge about all aspects of family law matters, including protection from abuse.

Defining Domestic Violence in Pittsburgh

Pennsylvania law has specific definitions for acts that are considered to be domestic violence, including sexual assault, rape, bodily injury, indecent assault, aggravated indecent assault, incest, false imprisonment, and sexual or physical assault of a child. A protection from abuse order (PFA) from the court orders that the abuser stop the abuse or face serious legal consequences. Such orders can be granted on an emergency basis, temporary basis, and permanent basis lasting up to 3 years. A permanent PFA can be extended under certain circumstances.

No matter what the circumstances surrounding your case, abuse is an extremely serious issue and it should be handled seriously. At the Law Offices of Avram Y. Rosen, we care about your happiness, health and future. Call us today and get a strong advocate on your side, upholding your rights!