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Pittsburgh Visitation Lawyer

Child Visitation and Your Parental Rights

You have parental rights that are protected under state law. When two parents are separated or divorced, you do not lose you rights to access to your children, whether you are the mother or the father. There can be serious problems that arise after a divorce is final, such as one parent consistently presenting reasons why the children are not available for the court-ordered visitation time. Do you have any concern about visitation and access to your children? At the Law Offices of Avram Y. Rosen, we can help. With 15 years serving the Pittsburgh community in all family law matters, we can help you to resolve any issue related to child visitation and parental rights.

Child Custody and Visitation in Pittsburgh, PA

A child custody order will include an outline of visitation rights for the parent who does not have primary custody. The arrangement can vary, based upon the circumstances of the parents and the needs of the children. One parent may have the children during the week so that the children can continue to attend the school they are familiar with, while the other parent cares for them on the weekend. There are various issues that could arise requiring a change in visitation, including any indication that the child is neglected while in the care of the other parent, exposed to drug use or criminal activities, or has been the victim of molestation or child abuse.

What is parental alienation?

In some cases, one parent will be engaged in parental alienation. A parent that belittles the other in front of the children can create a situation in which the children now refuse to visit. If this is an issue for you, and you are being told the children "refuse to visit" it is time to discuss the matter with an attorney. The court does not look kindly upon parents that make an effort to alienate the children from the other parent, and if it can be established and presented to the court, the parent engaged in this activity could be held accountable, and could even lose custody. No matter what the situation, our firm can provide the personal service and counsel that you deserve. Contact us now.