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Allegheny County Cases Online
Allegheny County provides good online access. You can access your Allegheny County case online here. Enter your case number (ex: FD10 12345) to access your case. Family Division cases begin with FD. If you do not have your case number, you can search by name but you will need to register to do so. Fortunately, registration is free and easy. Most court pleadings are available in PDF form. However, many support papers are not available online.

Washington County Cases Online
Washington County provides poor online access. Follow the prompts. Family cases are in the civil division. Unfortunately, only the barest of case histories is available for free online. More is available for paid subscription, but you cannot access the filed papers even with a paid subscription.

Pennsylvania Statutes Online
Each state has its own set of family laws. Pennsylvania family law is largely found in Title 23 of the consolidated Pennsylvania statutes which can be found here. Pennsylvania statutes form the overarching family law in Pennsylvania. However, local county rules, individual judicial rules and "unwritten rules" are often just as important. The rough hierarchy for family laws and rules (highest law is first) is: (a) state statutes (b) caselaw (court opinions that explain and define state law) (c) local rule (d) local manual (e) judicial rules. There are also hierarchies within each area (for example, Supreme Court decisions trump Superior Court decisions). In addition, other types of laws (such as Federal bankruptcy and pension statutes) also intersect with family law.

Pennsylvania Child Support Online
You can find forms, enforcement information, and other child support related resources here. However, their child support calculator can be inaccurate, depending on a variety of factors.

CHIP Insurance
Children should be covered by medical insurance. ALL children in Pennsylvania are eligible for CHIP. Income determines the amount (if any) you must pay for the CHIP insurance. Find out about CHIP here.

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