Avram, I will never be able to put into words how extremely grateful I am to you and your fantastic staff. When I came to you I was at the bottom of a very deep hole and I was fighting an uphill battle with no end insight. I had all of the odds stacked against me, but you listened to me, you had faith in me, you stuck by me and you fought for me. We together have seen the court room so many times that I have lost track, but one time stands out more then all of the others. I remember you and I were sitting in the waiting room and a man came in and went to the sign in desk which was directly across from us. He gave his credit card to the court employee and she promptly told him that they only accepted checks. Before the man could get into a frenzy, you walked over to him, knowing that if he did not appear he would be held in contempt. You took his credit card number, you called your office and ran his number and then wrote a check to the court for him. He was able to attend his hearing. The compassion that you showed this man and the compassion that you have always shown me is beyond remarkable. Today, even though my battle is not yet over, I went from not seeing my daughters at all to being a significant part of their lives. I owe my relationships and my future relationships with my daughters to you. Because without your guidance, knowledge, and determination I would not have them and they would not have me.

New Family Law Judge for Washington County PA - Gary Gilman

Washington County receives a new family law judge for family law for 2012. Judge Gary Gilman recently won election to the Washington County, PA Court of Common Pleas. Judge Gilman replaces BOTH of the previous Family Law judges:: Judge DiSalle & Judge Melograne. Divorce, custody, support and PFA cases were previoulsy assigned to one of those two judges, based on alphabetization. Judge Gilman begins his duties in January 2012.

Upon election, Judge Gilman said: "I'm looking forward to getting started and working, I'm excited about the positon and duties that I'll have." A brief biographical capsule on Judge Gilman will follow in the next blog post.

You may wish to talk to your attorney about how this changeover may effect your case.