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Recent Posts in Allegheny County Court Category

Know your judge: Judge Jennifer Satler

Judge Jennifer Satler has "judicial prefix" 017. So, if your Allegheny County case number ends with "017", she is your judge. Her chambers (offices) are located in Suite 5073 of ...
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Allegheny County Family Division Self-Help Center

The Allegheny County Pennsylvania Family Division Self-Help center opened in January 2014 to assist self-represented parties. Persons making less than 125% of the Federal Poverty Guideline are ...
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Know your judge: Judge Mark V. Tranquilli

Judge Mark V. Tranquilli was elected on November 5, 2013 and his term expires in 2023. His "judicial suffix" is "011". So, if your case number were FD14-1234 011, then he would be ...
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Case Notes: Child Support and Gifts of Money

In the case of Suzanne D. v. Stephen W., 65 A3d 965 (2013), the Pennsylvania Superior Court was faced with the issue of large cash gifts and their effect on child support obligations. The case began ...
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Custody Requirement: Affidavit of Household

Recently, Allegheny County has required that a new document called an "Affidavit of my Household" be filed with all custody complaints. This document is located here under Child Custody ...
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Case Notes: Custody relocation

On January 24th, 2011, Pennsylvania's stringent new relocation law went into effect. The relocation statute has "factors" that the court must consider when deciding whether to permit a ...
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Case Notes: Counsel Fees

We often get questions about counsel fees. Can I make the other side pay my fees? When does the court order counsel fees? What if the other side has racked up excessive counsel fees? In Morgans v. ...
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Case Notes: Is private Facebook information subject to discovery?

Social media has permeated pretty much every aspect of our lives. Experienced attorneys use information posted on Facebook, twitter, tumblr, and other platforms as evidence in cases to paint a picture ...
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Case Notes: Shared Custody

In the case of S.B. v. B.P. , FD 04-002820, Allegheny CP (March 26, 2012), the local Allegheny County court dealt with a Mother who appealed from a Court Order providing shared custody between Mother ...
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Case Notes: Business interests and Equitable Distribution

Valuing assets can be extremely complicated. It takes a lot of experience to determine the type of evidence that is necessary to prove the value of an asset. The courts are often faced with the ...
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Know your Judge: Judge Cathleen Bubash (008)

Every Allegheny County Family Division case is assigned to a particular Judge. Each Judge has a "judicial suffix". This is a 3 number suffix attached to the end of your "FD" number ...
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Allegheny County Clarifies Some Divorce Procedures

Court procedures are complicated even for those who practice law. Allegheny County has clarified a few procedural issues. 1. Filing an Inventory and Obtaining a Rule In order to move your divorce ...
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Allegheny County newest court procedures

The Court changes it's procedures all the time. It's best to have an attorney who keeps up with the latest developments, so that your case is not derailed on a point of procedure. Below are ...
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The Court Speaks: Top Ten List from Generations. #10.

In Allegheny County, PA, custody cases almost always go through the "Generations" process. This starts with an educational seminar that the parties must attend, followed by mandatory ...
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New Allegheny County procedures: Bad weather, scheduling etc.

Here are the lastest changes to family law procedure in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. 1. Bad weather. In case of bad weather, the Court is now posting its status on the crawl that appears at the ...
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Local Case Notes: Alimony, E.D.& counsel fees

In the local Allegheny County PA case of Casper v. Casper, Judge Marmo issued a decision concerning parties who had married in 1985 and separted in 2008, with two grown children. Husband worked at an ...
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New Allegheny County South Hills Support Office

The Allegheny County Family Division Court has opened up a new "branch" office for support in Mt. Lebanon. WHAT DOES THIS OFFICE DO? Plaintiffs can file a complaint for support at the ...
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Part 2: Judge Alexander Bicket's policies and procedures

Judge Alexander Bicket replaces the departing Judge Ignelzi (who has moved to Criminal Division). If your case was previously assigned to Judge Ignelzi ("judicial suffix" 009), then it will ...
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2012 Guide to Allegheny County Family Court Personnel

Below is a list of the Allegheny County, PA family division judges. You can determine the judge assigned to your case by the "judicial suffix" assigned to your case: 001 Judge Marmo; 002 ...
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PA Supreme Court decision

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court recently upheld our Superior Couirt victory in the case of Kent v. Kent (March 18, 2011). Appeals to the Pennsyvlania Supreme Court are not a matter of right, unlike ...
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Local Case Notes: March 2011 Pittsburgh PFA decision

A judge of the Allegheny Court of Common Pleas has issued an interesting and potentially problematic decision concerning a recent Protection from Abuse case. On May 13, 2010, the Defendant (Mr. ...
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Act 112: Section 5337 - Relocation (part 2)

Section 5337. Relocation continued; Part 2. Standards Once the procedures of 5337 have been followed (see Part 1) and a timely objection has been filed, the court will hold an "expedited" ...
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Act 112: Section 5333 - Informational programs

Section 5332 simply provides that the court may require the parties to attend parenting programs and to pay for the programs. Section 5332 does not require courts to set up such programs. As a ...
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New Allegheny County Family Court Department

A new administrative department has been announced for the Family Division of the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas. The new department will assign cases and motions and will be headed by Renee ...
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Big Change At The Top

Judge David Wecht is stepping down as the Administrative Judge of the Family Law Division of the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas. His resignation is effective January 4, 2011. In addition, ...
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