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Blog Posts in December, 2010

Act 112: Section 5327 - "Presumption" provisions

Section 5327 of Act 112 deals with "presumptions". Section 5327 (a) states that, between parents, "there shall be no presumption that custody should be awarded to a particular ...
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Act 112: Sections 5324-5326 - "Standing" provisions

Sections 5324-5326 of Act 112 deal with "standing". Standing" refers to the ability of someone to seek legal relief. In custody, only certain people have standing to seek custody. For ...
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Act 112: Sections 5321-5323 - Preliminary provisions.

Sections 5321, 5322 & 5323 of Act 112 are, essentially, preliminary provisions. In other words, Sections 5321-5323 lay the groundwork for the more substantive provisions that will be analyzed in ...
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New Washington Co. family law judge

Washington County, PA has a new family court judge, as of November 30, 2010. Judge Phillippe A. Melograne is now our second family court judge. Judge DiSalle will continue to work in family court. ...
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