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Blog Posts in March, 2013

Know your Judge: Judge Cathleen Bubash (008)

Every Allegheny County Family Division case is assigned to a particular Judge. Each Judge has a "judicial suffix". This is a 3 number suffix attached to the end of your "FD" number ...
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Case Notes: VA benefits as marital property

Under Pennsylvania law, certain things are exempt from being considered "marital property," and are, therefore, not subject to distribution upon divorce. However, the increase in value of ...
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Allegheny County Clarifies Some Divorce Procedures

Court procedures are complicated even for those who practice law. Allegheny County has clarified a few procedural issues. 1. Filing an Inventory and Obtaining a Rule In order to move your divorce ...
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Case Notes: Custody and International Travel

In the recent case of M.P. v. M.P. , 2012 Pa. Super. 215 (Oct. 5, 2012), the PA Superior Court dealt with the question of whether a Mother could take her small child to Ecuador without Father's ...
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