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Blog Posts in March, 2014

Divorce and 529 College Savings Accounts

Parents have 4 primary options to accumulate college savings. This post will discuss one of those options ("529" accounts) and what to expect from the 529 accounts if the parties divorce. ...
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Case Notes: 16-factor custody analysis not always required in PA

In the case of M.O. v. J.T.R., 2014 Pa. Super. 15 (February 2014), the Pennsylvania Superior Court thankfully held that a trial court need not embark on the standard 16-factor custody analysis when ...
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Case Notes: Divorce and death

In the case of Tosi v. Kizis, 16 Pa. Super 2014, the Pennsylvania Superior Court determined that Wife could discontinue the parties divorce action after Husband died while awaiting the divorce trial. ...
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