Interview: Judge Marmo

Last blog post we provided you wtih a short interview with new Family Division Judge Alexander Bicket. Now, we provide you with a recent interview with Allegheny County, Family Division Judge Michael Marmo. Judge Marmo has been serving on the bench since 2009. Your Family Division case has Judge Marmo if the "judicial suffix" is 001. The interview was withThe Lawyers Journal.

What have you learned about yourself by serving in the Family Division since 2009?

If there is anything that I appreciate more after serving in this Division, it's my own family. My mom (Josephine) and may dad (Angelo) did a good job of raising me and the lessons they taught me definitely carried over into my life. When I see kids whose lives have been impacted by divorce, drugs and other issues, I consider myself blessed and it makes me appreciate what I have.

What is the toughest part of your job?

I have to make tough decisions that don't just affect one person's life, but an entire family. I really need to ponder, understand the law, and consider the impact on the family. The hardest issues I deal with are terminating parental rights and permanently removing kids from homes. It's tough because I know how I feel about my family and my own children.

At what point in your career did you decide to become a judge?

I never really thought about being a judge because my private practice was goind well, but I was already doing a lot of quasi-judiicial work as a solicitor and with the Board of Viewers. I ran for Judge at the the age of 53 in 2007, but I didn't make it.

What have you enjoyed most about serving in the Family Division?

I like doing adoptions, being able to help children and marrying people. I've done marriage ceremonies all over the county in a lot of different venues, including parks and homes. I like making a positive difference in people's lives.

What motivates you to do your best every day?

I try to make sure I deal with the law in the right way every day so I can help people who come before me. I also recognize that I have been blessed. In May, I'll have been married 32 years to Kathy and we have two wonderful children, Anthony, who is 28, and Christina, who is 26. We also have an eight-year-old black Lab named Carmen who likes to eat pizzelles and knows she's part of an Italian family.