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Divorce can be one of the most heartbreaking and emotionally draining experiences a person can experience during their lifetime. As hot button issues such as child custody and asset division cause divorces to turn into contentious legal battles, it is important that divorcing spouses retain the services of a skilled attorney to ensure their rights are protected during this difficult time. If you planning to file for divorce or already undergoing this process, you should consider consulting with our experienced Pittsburgh divorce lawyer from the Rosen Family Law Group.

Our founding lawyer, Attorney Avram Rosen, has dedicated nearly 20 years to solely practicing family law and is well-equipped to handle all types of divorce, including both contested divorce and uncontested divorce. Having handled hundreds of family law cases throughout his lengthy practice, Mr. Rosen can use his vast legal knowledge to guide you step-by-step through many of the tough legal issues that arise in the divorce process, such as the division of property or the division of parental rights. No divorce is too complex for us to handle, and we are prepared to go the distance to help you get through this difficult time as smoothly as possible.

Resolving Family Law Issues Related to Divorce

We know that divorce can be both logistically and emotionally challenging, which is why we are here to support you each step of the way.

Here are some of the many different types of divorce-related issues that we commonly assist clients with:

We also serve members of the military who are dealing with military divorce, which is much more complex than civilian divorce. We are also able to help clients through the financial complexities of high net worth divorce. While we are committed to doing everything within our power to negotiate an amicable solution to your separation, we are fully prepared to pursue litigation on your behalf and protect your rights to the full extent of the law.

Grounds and Requirements for Divorce in Pennsylvania

In the state of Pennsylvania, couples are allowed to divorce on both fault and no-fault grounds. Fault grounds can include desertion, extreme cruelty, adultery, a felony conviction, and bigamy. Conversely, no-fault divorces are based on the irreconcilable breakdown of a couple’s marriage. While fault will not have any effect on the distribution of marital assets, it can play a key role in the way alimony is awarded.

To file for divorce in Pennsylvania, spouses must meet the following requirements:

  • One spouse must have been a PA resident for at least six months before filing
  • The divorce must be filed in the county where either spouse lives

The length of the divorce process will vary depending on the grounds of divorce. Spouses who wish to divorce on no-fault grounds must each submit a sworn written statement agreeing to the divorce and endure a subsequent 90 day waiting period before a court will enter a final divorce judgment. Divorces that are not backed by mutual consent can take longer, as the divorce-seeking spouse must submit a sworn statement indicating that the couple has lived apart for a period of one year. Fault divorces, on the other hand, do not have a waiting period.

Former Client Experiences

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  • “Attorney Rosen is extremely knowledgeable and is gifted at balancing professionalism with authenticity.”

    - S.A.
  • “Rosen is a man that will not tell you what you want to hear, but rather, what you NEED to hear.”

    - T. Curry
  • “He is a wonderful down to earth person to speak to as well as being tough enough to get things done.”

    - F.S.

Why Choose Rosen Family Law Group?

At Rosen Family Law Group, we understand how important it is to work with a divorce attorney who will actually hear your concerns and work with you as a partner in protecting the best interests of you and your family. Due to the size of our firm, we are able to provide each of our clients with personalized counsel that is geared to their specific needs.

Unlike what you might experience at a large corporate law office, your divorce will not get lost in the shuffle at our firm. Whether you and your spouse are collaborating on a divorce agreement or you are getting certain divorce-related matters decided in court, our competent Pitt​sburgh divorce attorneys can help you work to ensure that you are being treated fairly throughout the process.

We encourage you to turn to our competent divorce lawyer for assistance. Contact Rosen Family Law Group and speak with us today!

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