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If you are looking for a faster, more cost-effective, and less antagonistic way to handle your divorce in the Pittsburgh area, then you may want to explore the option of a collaborative divorce. A Pittsburgh divorce lawyer at our firm can help you understand how this divorce resolution alternative works and can help you and your spouse get started on the process. Our firm has been helping individuals and families with all types of divorce and family law matters since 1999. Attorney Avram Rosen brings an abundance of experience and understanding to divorce cases. Because our firm understands the difficulty and stressfulness that divorce can bring, we strive to help you find ways to make this process easier. Collaborative divorce is a better option for many couples than conventional divorce litigation.

What is a collaborative divorce?

In a collaborative divorce, the divorcing couples work cooperatively to negotiate a divorce settlement outside of court. They negotiate in four-way sessions with the assistance of their separate attorneys. They may also use other professionals who may be needed, such as financial experts, child and health care professionals or others. Everyone involved is part of a team strategy that is focused on reaching a negotiated settlement that is fair and just, using techniques and methods that foster cooperation as opposed to litigation.

A participation agreement is entered into by the divorcing couple and their lawyers in which provisions are set up for the negotiation process. Among the provisions may be such commitments as agreeing to use only constructive communication, reliance on attorneys for assistance, putting their children's best interests first, agreeing to use outside, neutral experts, and not allowing litigation to ensue as long as the negotiation process continues. Then, together with the guidance and help of their attorneys, the couple resolves their conflicts over such issues as property division, child custody, child support, and spousal support.

Our firm has represented countless individuals in the collaborative divorce process. We urge you to contact the firm to consult with him about the specifics of your situation so that we can help you introduce the process to your spouse and get you started.

We are certain you will find the advantages of collaborative divorce to be a beneficial alternative to the adversarial nature of litigated divorce. Contact us today.

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