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Should I Get Divorced?

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The decision to divorce is one that only the couple can make. No one enters a marriage assuming the worst. The goal is that the couple will be able to have a successful and fulfilling relationship, but this does not always happen. People change and life change. Circumstances may arise in which the couple decides that it is best that they part ways. Before deciding to legally end the marriage, it is recommended that you give adequate thought to this decision. In order to do everything we can to aid our clients in this decision, there are different issues which we help our clients think through when they are unsure.

Consider Counseling

Asking your spouse about counseling (if you have not already done so) can help clarify matters, regardless of their response. If they are willing and reasonable participants in the process, then you know your spouse is trying. Also, you then have a better chance of salvaging the relationship. If they decline, then you can add this fact to your calculation on the reconciliation of your relationship.

Speak to a Pittsburgh Divorce Attorney First

Many divorce decisions can have immediate and important legal ramifications. These include child support and spousal support, child custody, and possession of the marital residence. It is important that you understand your position and have legal counsel ready when you move forward.

Assemble Documents

It is a good idea to copy and assemble documentation relevant to your case. Speak to your attorney about relevant documentation and then provide copies of those documents to your attorney. This will permit your attorney to better assess your case, it will save you legal fees, and some documents will be necessary for settlement or trial.

Complete a Realistic Budget

People generally underestimate the economic effect of a divorce. Can you afford to live separately? What expenses must be cut? If you are in a good position financially to get divorced at this time, a budget is still a necessary and helpful step. Whatever the case, you should at least roughly understand your position in advance. Other important elements to calculate into your budget are tax consequences, additional children-related costs, and legal costs.

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