Know your judge: Eleanor Bush

Eleanor Bush is a judge with the Family Division of the Allegheny Court of Common Pleas. Judge Bush has judicial suffix 001. If your case number ends with "001", you have Judge Bush.

Judge Bush was elected to the court on November 5, 2013.

A native New Yorker, Judge Bush is 54, lives in Squirrel Hill and is married with two daughters. Eleanor Bush attended Yale University for her undergraduate degree (history in 1982), master's degree (management in 1988) and J.D. degree (also in 1988). Judge Bush worked on behalf of families and children for 22 years. Following law school, she worked for 13 years for the Pa Department of Education and the Juvenile Law Center in Philadelphia. In Pittsburgh, Judge Bush was legal director of KidsVoice from 2001-2004. Judge Bush then provided training for the Statewide Adoption and Permanency Network from 2005-2013.

Judge Bush was part of a special state task force that issued recommendations for reform following the terrible cash-for-kids scandal in Luzerne County.

Many new judges either attempt to avoid Family Division or to flee family division at the first opportunity, Judge Bush ran for the bench with the hope of being assigned to the Family Division. Her stated priorities for being a judge were (a) to contribute her knowledge and experience to the family court (b) to promote public confidence and trust in the justice system and (c) to ensure that all participants are treated with dignity and respect.

When running for office, Judge Bush was rated "highly qualified" by the Allegheny County Bar Association and received the endorsement of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers. Her campaign supported marriage equality, adoption equality and custodial equality for LGBT persons.

Since becoming Judge, her chambers are located at 5019.1 of the Family Division Building. Her legal assistant is Kelly Boland, her tipstaff is Diane Wolford and her law clerk is the well-named Adam Rosen. Her chamber are open and staffed from 9:00 am. - 4:30 pm., Monday - Friday. Her chambers number is 412-350-1368. However, do NOT call the Judge. She cannot speak to litigants "ex parte". Also, do not call the chambers asking legal advice - they are not permitted to give you legal advice.

With the usual 7-days notice period, Judge Bush accepts contested motions, responses and answers that are signed up at least by noon of the date before Motions Court. Uncontested motions (with 7 days notice) and consent motions are accepted at any time. Judge Bush accepts mailed and hand-delivered motions. Faxes are not accepted.

Counsel, parties and witnesses are expected to arrive on-time. Proceedings may begin without a late participant. No food or drink (other than water) is permitted in the courtroom. Cell phones should be turned off. Judge Bush has zero tolerance for incivility in the courtroom and all parties, counsel and witnesses should dress and behave appropriately. Children who are part of the proceedings should not be present in the courtroom.

Judge Bush is especially keen on enforcing all orders requiring counseling and/or therapy in custody cases. She does not consider such orders to be voluntary and failure to attend counseling may result in sanctions.