Know your judge: Jennifer Satler

Judge Jennifer Satler has "judicial prefix" 017. So, if your Allegheny County case number ends with "017", she is your judge. Her chambers (offices) are located in Suite 5073 of the Family Division Building, located at 440 Ross Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15219. Her office phone is 412-350-7576 and her fax is 412-350-7578. HOWEVER, the Judge will not entertain emails, letters, phone calls or personal visits, unless specifically requested by the Court. If you have a procedural question, you can call her chambers and speak with her secretary Pam, tipstaff Matt or law clerk Leonard. But remember that her staff cannot give any legal advice.

Judge Satler was elected to the bench in November 2013. She graduated from Bryn Mawr college in 1997 as an undergraduate and then graduated from Pitt law school in 2000. After law school, Judge Satler served as an assistant Public Defender for about 10 years and also served as an adjunct professor and mock-trial coach at Pitt.

Her stated priorities were (1) to ensure a fair and efficient process for all parties involved in the justice system; (2) Work to protect families, veterans and all who come before the court and (3) help reduce postponements and lag time between court dates so justice is served expediently.

Judge Satler's "Basic Courtroom Decorum" for all attorneys and parties (including self-represented parties) includes:

1. No food or drink in the Courtroom

2. No ringing cellphones or audible pagers.

3. All proceedings should be conducted in a dignified and formal manner

4. A zero tolerance policy for incivility towards counsel or parties or court personnel.

5. Only counsel and the parties may sit at the counsel table.

6. At all trials and hearings, witnesses and parties should wear clean, neat and appropriate attire.

7. Children are never to be present in the Courtroom, unless requested by the Court (remember that the building has a special and free "Children's Room" that is run by the National Council of Jewish Women).

8. Parties represented by counsel should not address the court, unless requested to do so.

9. Pro Se (self-represented) Motions are heard in the following order:

A. Motions to amend or vacate a PFA;

B. Motions with private counsel opposing the motion

C. Motions involving the County Solicitor; and

D. All other motions. .