Mother Arrested on Suspicion of Child Abuse

A sad area of family law is in regards to domestic violence, abuse, and child abuse. A 25-year-old mother in Pennsylvania was arrested after her 2-year-old son was found after being locked in their car for an hour. She had not only locked her child in the car, but had locked the keys in with him. When he was finally removed from the vehicle, he was not responding. After being observed at a local hospital, however, it was determined that none of his injuries were major and that he would recover. He was taken into custody by the Pennsylvania Child and Youth Services and his mother is being held in jail on a $20,000 bail on charges of child abuse.

Our team at Rosen Family Law Group is able to help in cases which require protection from abuse as well as child custody issues. A protection from abuse order is given out by the court in order to protect individuals from family members who have the potential to harm them. If the individual goes against this court order, they could be facing very serious legal consequences.

Child abuse is defined as doing something or failing to do something which results in the harm of a child. Neglect is also a form of abuse as it leaves children without the basic necessities. This is not a rare event. In fact, it is estimated that up to five children die every day as the result of either abuse or neglect. Approximately 3.3 million reports come in every year regarding child abuse, making the U.S. the worst industrialized nation for these abuse cases. If you suspect child abuse, get in touch with the proper authorities. Child abuse will drastically affect child custody, so please do not hesitate to contact our office if you suspect the other parent is abusing your children.