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Mothers have a very close bond with their children that is undeniable. It is a well-established fact that a child who is stable and flourishing shares a great deal of time with his or her birth mother. The separation of parents can have a big impact on a child emotionally. A child who was cared for primarily by the mother can be confused and unhappy when the custody arrangement is changed. Working through these matters is an important part of raising a happy child.

If you believe your rights as a mother are being compromised in any way the Rosen Family Law Group can help. With nearly 20 years of experience in protecting mother's rights, our divorce attorney in Pittsburgh is committed to give your case the immediate attention that it deserves. There is little that is more important to parents than the health, care and wellbeing of children. We are prepared to take the correct legal action to pursue the outcome you are seeking with regard to your children. Learn more in an initial evaluation.

Advocates for Mother's Rights in Pittsburgh

Never go to court on a child custody matter without an attorney who has a well-crafted case to support your position, and who is ready to protect your rights as a mother. We are advocates for mothers that are seeking access to their children, and can take action to protect you if there is any threat of losing custody or visitation of your children. We can also represent you in legal action to claim child support payments from the father, which may require initiating a paternity action to legally establish the parental relationship.

Our family lawyer advocates for mothers in the following situations:

  • Have lost child custody and wish to regain it
  • Are concerned about the safety and health of children while they are with the other parent
  • Are concerned about the outcome of a move away request

You may be in the position in which you are facing a contested divorce, and there are accusations about your ability to care for your children. You may have had your visitation rights violated. In some cases, children have been removed from the home based upon a false accusation, and it is necessary to engage in legal action to bring the children home, where they belong. A shift in law has given equal parental rights to both parties, and some fathers may be taking action to gain access to the children, custody of children or other issue of concern to you as a mother.

Come and speak with our Pittsburgh divorce lawyer so we can discuss your case, and create a strategy that will best protect your parental rights. Call now.

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