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Modifying Alimony & Spousal Support

Do you feel that you need to request a modification of the alimony order granted at the time of your divorce? Alimony awards are based primarily on financial need. In a divorce modification request, the court will grant or deny the request based on whether there has been an enduring substantial change in the circumstances of the requesting party.

What Are Substantial Changes?

There are many circumstances that can fit the criteria for a substantial change in circumstances, and these criteria can be interpreted in various ways. The death of either spouse will usually terminate an order to pay alimony, loss of employment or a radical change in remuneration, medical and mental disability affecting employment, cohabitation or remarriage of the supported spouse, are each events that could establish material changes in circumstances.

Any newly discovered assets or sources of income can be brought to the attention of the Court in order to modify an amount awarded or to disallow further payment going forward. Completing an educational course which then enables the supported spouse to obtain employment would substantially change the financial landscape.

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