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Determining custody of minor children is often the most difficult part of a divorce. Once a custody order exists which allocates parental rights, it is intended to create stability for the now reorganized family unit. Stability is a key concept used by the court in its determinations of custody matters. Parents may change a court order on a cooperative basis with no interaction from the court. If there is disagreement on the proposed change, a petition will need to be filed requesting a formal modification of the custody order.

When is a modification order granted?

Pennsylvania judges are required to first consider what is in the best interest of the minor child in any custody order. Changes in income, health issues and showing that the child is at risk due to the living arrangement are reasons for modification. The age of the child may have changed greatly making some provisions of the order unworkable. The court may override a voluntary change in custody if it feels the child's best interest is being jeopardized.

Modifications due to relocation have several requirements that must be met. All persons who have a custodial right to the child must be informed of the modification request. They have a right to object to relocation. Notice must be sent by registered mail, return receipt requested. There are penalties for that could be imposed upon a parent who relocates minor children before a modification has been approved.

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Retaining an experienced family law attorney is your best chance at success when petitioning the court for a modification. When considering the request, the judge will assess the change in circumstances and the resulting impact any modification will have on the children. Contact the Law Offices of Avram Y. Rosen to assist you with your modification. We limit our practice to family law and have nearly 20 years of experience successfully obtaining modifications to custody orders.

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