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Family law is a sensitive issue. There are both legal and emotional stakes, and opposing sides can get heated. Feelings can be hurt, and people believe they were treated unfairly.

At the Rosen Family Law Group, we are sensitive to the needs of our clients. We know that there are outcomes that go beyond the legal, hitting people emotionally. We are here to listen to the needs of our clients. We aim to develop a personal relationship with you, helping you achieve goals that will satisfy you legally, financially, and emotionally.

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Property Division

Pennsylvania is among the many states that use an equitable property division model in a divorce. Essentially, the court looks at the assets and incomes of each spouse and divides them by what is fairest to both parties. Fairness, however, is subjective. Even with the best of intentions, a court could leave someone in an unfair situation.

At Rosen Family Law Group, we are sensitive to the needs of our clients. We know that in an equitable split, one party can be left with too much or too little. Allow us to represent your interests in a divorce. Whether you are the richer or poorer of the spouses, we will work hard to show your needs to the court.

Marital Contracts

People often assume that marital contracts are reserved only for the wealthy. They can indeed protect vast amounts of wealth, but they can also help young up-and-comers. Martial contracts can make life smooth for the future.

With a martial contract, you can predetermine your assets beforehand. For example, you can decide that any property purchased individually will always belong to the purchaser, bypassing community property laws. You can ensure that any gifts given from one spouse to the other will belong to just the receiver. There are many ways to establish and plan your assets prior to the marriage.

You can also create a plan for how money will be spent within the marriage. It is a well-known fact that couples argue about money. By creating a marital contract, you can decide now how income is divided. Some couples may, for instance, decide that any money made by one individual belongs only to them. Others use a percentage system, determining who is responsible for what percent of shared expenses. Whatever you choose, having a system in writing can help you avoid making these decisions while adjusting to the marriage. This way, you focus on the most important thing, your relationship.

Prenuptial contracts are written before the marriage, and postnuptial contracts are written after the wedding. Whenever you need your contract, we are there to help. These contracts can be altered, which is a great benefit. For instance, your plans regarding children may need to change as the family grows. Whatever your needs in a marital agreement, the Rosen Family Law Group can help guide you and create a contract that benefits everyone.

Martial contracts can be nullified by a judge. Let us help you write the contract correctly the first time. We can validate everyone’s cooperation and help ensure that everyone benefits from the document. We can also vet each partner, making sure that everyone is clear about the assets of each person going into the marriage.

Protections from Abuse

Sometimes, our services are needed to help protect an abused spouse. If you are suffering from spousal abuse, you can trust us to help you secure a protection from abuse, or PFA. Widely known as “restraining orders,” a PFA demands that your abuser vacate the home, avoid contact with you, and stay within a certain distance of you. PFAs do not protect from emotional abuse, but those issues can be handled in a divorce.

If you are in immediate danger, you can file for a temporary PFA. As long as the court believes your story, they will enact the order. It lasts for 10 days, giving you time to prepare for a final PFA. Issuing a final PFA is like a courtroom trial. The defendant may be present, and they can have legal representation. Both sides can present evidence and call witnesses. If the court agrees with you, the final PFA can last up to three years, and it can be renewed as needed.

The Rosen Family Law Group is here to use its years of experience to help protect you with a PFA. If you need protection, do not wait another minute. Reach out today, and allow us to help keep your abuser at a distance.

We can assist you with all your family law needs, including:

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  • Child Support
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Grandparent and Third-Party Rights
  • Same-Sex Family Law
  • And more!

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