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Tax filing status during divorce proceedings
Tax filing status during divorce proceedings

Which tax filing status can you choose during a Pennsylvania divorce proceedings? The first thing to understand is that your tax status is determined by your marital status on December 31 of the tax year. So, if you are single on December 31, 2015, then you can file your ...

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Blog posts in Support Law

  • Case Notes: Child Support for an Adult Child

    In the recent case of Morgan v. Morgan, 2014 PA Super 176, the PA Superior Court ruled concerning an adult child who was receiving child support via a ...

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  • Case Notes: Child Support and Gifts of Money

    In the case of Suzanne D. v. Stephen W ., 65 A3d 965 (2013), the Pennsylvania Superior Court was faced with the issue of large cash gifts and their ...

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  • Case Notes: Purging Contempt

    When someone does not pay court ordered support they may be found in "contempt of court". This can lead to a variety of sanctions, such as tax ...

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  • Case Notes: The Entitlement Defense to Spousal Support

    The obligation to financially support a spouse prior to a divorce decree is known as Alimony Pendente Lite ("APL") or Spousal support. Generally, ...

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  • Case Notes: Paternity by Estoppel

    Establishing paternity can often be confusing. There are two major presumptions regarding paternity in Pennsylvania: If Mother is married, there is a ...

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  • Legislative Update: Could Child Support Continue After Death?

    As it stands now, support generally terminates upon the death of the payer. By definition, a dead payer is, no longer living or earning funds to ...

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  • Case Notes: Custody Restriction and Effect on Support

    What happens economically when the court severely restricts custodial rights? Does that lessen the amount of child support to be paid, since the payer ...

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  • Allegheny County newest court procedures

    The Court changes it's procedures all the time. It's best to have an attorney who keeps up with the latest developments, so that your case is not ...

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  • How Is Child Support Determined in Pennsylvania?

    In Pennsylvania, child support is regulated and enforced by the Department of Public Welfare, Bureau of Child Support Enforcement. Child support is ...

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